Privateer Ryan Allen Q&A

Let’s continue with our Privateer interrogations. Ryan Allen has been around the cx course a time or two and is a veteran cross racer in his second year as a cat 2. We’re glad to have him back in action this year after a knee injury. So, let’s hear what it’s like to be Ryan.

Ryan AllenWhat was life like for you 10 years ago?
Lots of kayaking, I think I had just gotten off a multi-day trip down the middle fork of the kings that summer and was just starting to take cycling more seriously.

Tell us about your career.
Pointe Property Group – I do commercial development, commercial general contracting, and we just started a real estate brokerage firm.

When was your first cx race and what was it like?
My first race was in Chattanooga in true cross conditions, misty rain, temps in the 40s. I rolled a tire and went off course to get to the pits like it was a crit. I was heckled so bad by spectators that I left the course. Fasczewski told me to get back on it, I got over myself, finished out the race in last place and was hooked on the sport.

It is race day – what do you do to get ready?
Lots of coffee, a solid breakfast, put some beers in the cooler, get in a good warm up and try to get a few laps in on the course.

Do you eat anything particular before a race?
I don’t worry about it too much, but I like steel cut oats with fruit, PB and honey on top, maybe a fried egg if I’m racing mid-day. I just try and eat good snacks between breakfast and race time and not have too full of a stomach.Allen 3 (640x425)

What are the first 2 things you feel like you do well during a race?
Technical sections and find the beer hand-ups

Give us your best “Fred” moment (or just share your most embarrassing race moment).
My first bike race was an endurance mtn bike race in Arkansas; I didn’t just take spare tubes I took spare tires, and I used them too!

What’s the first thing you do after you cross the finish line?
Try to stay completely still until I can breathe again.

Allen 4 (640x426)What are 2 things you’d like to improve upon this season?
Running and staying consistent throughout the race rather than having a lull mid race.

What’s your favorite color on the PFM unicorn horn?

Where’s your favorite place to ride in Chattanooga?
Anywhere on the plateau.

What’s the one piece of bike gear you can’t live without?

What do you do when you’re not riding your bike or working?
whitewater kayaking or relaxing with my wife

What are your favorite social media pages to follow? (e.g. CX Magazine on Facebook, cxhairs on Instagram)

Who’s your favorite Privateer to heckle and why?
Farmer – he’s a giver and no heckle goes unrequited.Allen 2 (462x640)

What would you sing at karaoke night?
Journey’s Don’t Stop Believin’ – “payin’ anything to roll the dice just one more time” then I’d probablysegue into Warren Zevon’s Werewolves of London to bring the people to their feet [as they exit the room].

If you had to be an animal, which one would you be and why?
I want to be an eagle so I can soar amongst the clouds… and no one is going to shoot an eagle.