Privateer Brian Hackathorne Q&A

You won’t want to miss this next Q&A. Next up isĀ Brian Hackathorne. Brian is like no other ‘cross racer you’ve ever met – just kidding. Like most in the cyclocross crowd, he’s a super-friendly guy with a couple kids that almost anyone can relate to. So check out what Brian has to say in his Q&A.

What was life like for you 10 years ago?
I had just made the mistake of transitioning to racing on the road. The bike gods have since opened my eyes and said dirt is thou home, go forth and root around.

Tell us about your career.Hack3
I help organizations be more secure. No one can be totally locked down, but you can always be more vigilant.

When was your first cx race and what was it like?
Savannah CX 2010. The puke inspired spiral of death had me wondering what direction I was going. It was everything that road racing wasn’t: fun and dirty. (well at least the fun part).

It’s race day – what do you do to get ready?
I wake up and make pancakes for the kids and hope that translates into good fuel to start on. Really I prepare for race day the day before so I just wake up and pour myself into the car with a hot coffee. I usually wake up first lap.

Do you eat anything particular before a race?
Pancakes or muesli.

What are the first 2 things you feel like you do well during a race?
I try to never get off the bike, unless it’s completely unavoidable.

Give us your best “fred” moment (or just share your most embarrassing race moment).
Second grade, climbing under the desks trying to impress someone, I stand up and immediately knock the biggest girl in the class in the chin with my head. She punches me and I slowly get back on all fours and climb back into my desk. Yes, I’m 46 and still remember that.

What’s the first thing you do after you cross the finish line?
Go spin.Hack2

What are 2 things you’d like to improve upon this season?
Sock doping and not cramping.

What’s your favorite color on the PFM unicorn horn?

Where’s your favorite place to ride in Chattanooga?
Up Suck Creek. Cool in summer and beautiful views in fall.

What’s the one piece of bike gear you can’t live without?
A good saddle.

What do you do when you’re not riding your bike or working?
I play with my kids.Hack1

Who’s your favorite Privateer to heckle and why?
I heckle other teams, but if I had to heckle someone it’d be Jim. He’s got a face for heckling.

What would you sing at karaoke night?
Brain Stew

If you had to be an animal, which one would you be and why?
Talking my spirit animal here…hmmm, Chipmunk.

Tell us something most people don’t know about you.
Where’s the fun in that? Alright, I know how to make a field expedient bangalore torpedo.