About Us

Chattanooga’s favorite cyclocross team
We’re your kind of cyclocross team — laid back and here for the party while crushing a dream or two along the way. So, stop by a local ‘cross race in the southeast and you’re bound to meet some of the most rad dudes and gals on the Chatty cx scene.

Scenic City Velo club
We are one of four teams under the Scenic City Velo cycling club. Like other race teams under the SCV umbrella, Privateer maintains its own unique team structure. Privateer membership is by invite-only so be sure to contact us ASAP if you want to learn more about how to get involved.

News & Events
Weekly Cyclocross Practices
Sure, you can Google cyclocross (which you should if you’re new to it), but if you’re ready to back away from your phone or computer to give it a try, you should probably practice first. And we got you covered each season. Beginners are encouraged to attend and both cyclocross and mountain bikes are welcome.
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